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MADATOV VALERIAN GRIGORI (MADATYAN ROSTOM) (1782-1829) Born in 1782 in Chanakhchi (Avetaranots) village of Askeran region of Nagorno Karabagh. An aide-de-camp-general. Madatov began his military career as a second lieutenant of household troops of Preobrozhenski Regiment. In 1810 Madatov was shifted to the

cavalry unit of Alexandriysk Regiment as a captain, later - as a major. In 1812 Madatov received the rank of a colonel. He participated in two Russian-Turkish Wars. Madatov's career was marked with heroism, distinction and numerous medals. He had his contribution to the victories over the French, Saxon, Austrian and Polish armies.

MANASYAN ISAHAK MARKOS (1917 - ): Born in 1917 in Kherchan village of Martuni Region of Nagorno Karabagh. A Hero of the Soviet Union. Manasyan began his military career as a commander of company. He participated in the liberation of West Belorussia and West Ukraine. He was a participant of the Finnish War.

Born in 1879 in Shushi. The real name of Aram-Pasha is Sargis Hovannisyan. He was one of the outstanding figures of the Armenian national movement. He was the commander-in-chief during the defense of Van. Aram-Pasha worked in the National Bureau of Tiflis, and his contribution to the reinforcement of the Armenian Republic cannot be overestimated. Aram-Pasha was the minister of the interior.







MARKAROV IVAN CHRISTOPHOR (MARKARYAN JAAN KHACHATUR) (1844-1931) Born on May 11, 1844 in Chardakhlu village (Yelizavetpol Province). An aide-de-camp-general. A military doctor. As a recognition of his military service, Markarov was awarded with the Orders of St. Stanislav of the 3rd degree (1874), St. Anna of the 3rd degree (1884), St. Stanislav of the 2nd degree, St. Vladimir of the 4th degree (1890) and medals in honor of the Russian-Turkish War in 1877-1878 and the reign of Tsar Alexander III.

MARKOSYAN SERGEI GRIGORI: A member of the Composers' Union of the USSR and Journalists' Union of Armenia. Markosyan was born in Tbkhlu village of Martakert region. He graduated from Yerevan State Conservatoire after Komitas.

MARTIROSYAN RADIK MARTIROS (1931) - A doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, member of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Martirosyan was born in 1931 in Matagis village of Martakert region. In 1958 he graduated from the Department of Physics and Mathematics of Yerevan State University. From 1961 he worked in the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and in 1965 he joined Yerevan State University. During 1971-1980 Martirosyan worked as the deputy director of the Institute of Radio-Physics and Electronics and since 1980 he was the director of the said Institute. Martirosyan is awarded with the Order of October Revolution, Badge of Distinction, Gagarin Medal. Currently Martirosyan is the president of Yerevan State University.

MARTIROSYAN YURI LEVON (1945 - ): Born in 1945 in Tehran, Iran, to a family from Chardakhlu. A Major General. Martirosyan began his military career in Baku. After graduating from the College for Military Officers, he was appointed in Turkmen military district. Later he was assigned to work in the German Democratic Republic as a commander of the battalion headquarters. In addition, Martirosyan served in various military districts in the Soviet Union. In February of 1989 he received the title of a Major General.

╠┼LIK-SHAHNAZARYAN BAGRAT BOGDAN - Born in Avetaranots (Chanakhchi) of Askeran Region. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Energy. In 1989 Melik-Shahnazaryan received the degree of a doctor of technical sciences. He was one of the founders of radio-electronics and computer engineering in Armenia. Besides, he was one of the pioneers in the Soviet Union who created computers and introduced them in the production sphere. Melik-Shahnazaryan is the author of over 70 scientific works. He is awarded with the Red Banner Order and various medals.

Born on December 12, 1885 in Kherkhan village of Martuni region (Nagorno Karabagh). A commander of a brigade of Turkmen Cavalry Division, General. During the period from 1920 till 1932 Melkumov participated in the expeditions in the mountains of Middle Asia. The Soviet government awarded Melkumov with orders and medals as recognition of his major contributions. In 1937 he was calumniated and exiled to the Siberia. In 1954 Melkumov was exonerated.

MELKUMOV ASHOT GALUST (1923 - ): Born in Garnakar village of Martakert region (Nagorno Karabagh). A bearer of Distinction Orders. Melkumov began his military career as early as in 1941 when he volunteered to the Red Army. During the Great patriotic War he fought in various fronts and reached the Elba.

MELKUMYAN SERGEI AVANES (1931 ) - A doctor of Geography, professor, academician of the International Ecological Academy. Born in 1931 in Chartar village of Martuni region. Graduated from the Department of Geography of Yerevan State University. During the period from 1962 till 1970 worked in Scientific-Research Institute of Stone and Silicates of the Soviet Union. Melkumyan taught at Yerevan State University for five years. He has been a professor of Yerevan Institute of National Economy since 1975. He is the author of 220 scientific works devoted to the rationalization of the utilization of natural resources and the problems of nature protection.

MINASOV RODION IVAN (1896-1958) Born in November, 1896 in Aldan village (Yakutsk) to a family of exiles from Karabagh. A Major General. Began his military career in the Tsarist army as a soldier of the 10th Siberian Reserve Regiment. Throughout the Great Patriotic War he was the chief financier of the front. Minasov participated in the war against Japan as well. He was awarded with a Lenin Order and two Red Banner Orders.

MOVSES KAGHAKATVATSI: A historiographer who lived in the 7th century. Movses Kaghankatvatsi wrote the history of Aghvank, his motherland, which is unique. According to the author, the Land of Aghvank stretches from the River Yeraskh (Arax) to Hard Gnarakert (the Fortress of Gnarakert is located on the right bank of the Kura River), i.e., the territory of Aghvank included the area between the Kura and Arax. The first Armenian secular set of laws titled "Book of Codes" was fully preserved in the work of Kaghankatvatsi. It has been translated into Russian (1860,1984), English (1961), Georgian (1985) and modern Armenian (1969).

MOVSISYAN SERGEI HOVHANNES (1931 ) - A doctor of Biology, member of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Born in Mets Shen village of Martakert region. In 1951 graduated from Yerevan State Veterinarian Institute. During 1962-1976 worked in the Central Institute of Gelmintology after Skryabin. From 1976 Movsesyan moved to Yerevan where he was appointed director of the Institute of Zoology. In 1982 he was elected member of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. He is the author 130 scientific works. Movsisyan participated and made presentations at international symposiums and conferences in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, USA, etc.

MOVSESYAN YURA MOVSES (1949 - ) - A Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor. Born in 1949 in Talish village of Martakert region. In 1971 graduated from the department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Yerevan State University. Worked at the same university from 1974, and he defended his thesis in 1992. Movsesyan is the first in Armenia to receive the degree of a doctor in the area of algebra. Movsesyan is the author of over 60 scientific works.

MURADYAN MICHAEL ARTEM (1921 - ): Born in 1921 in Hadrut village (Hadrut region of Nagorno Karabagh). A Major General. Participated in the Great Patriotic War, from the very first days till the seizure of Berlin. Muradyan held a number of lead positions in the army after the war. For the outstanding service he was awarded with the Orders of the Great Patriotic War of the 1st and 2nd degrees, two Red Star Orders and medals.

MURAT (MURADYAN HOVAKIM HOVHANNES) (1767-1815) Born in 1767 in Krkjan village (Askeran region of Nagorno Karabagh). Served in the French Army. Supported Napoleon in his taking the power. In 1804 Murat received the title of a marshal of France. In 1808 Murat became the Neapolitan king. Jean Murat, his grandson (1888-1968) was a cinema actor.

MUSA OJAHKULI: Member of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. Musa was one of the eyewitnesses of the Armenian massacre perpetrated during the last decade of March, 1920 in Shushi when the Armenian part of the town was robbed and destroyed. In June of 1921 Musa sent a report of the government of the Russian Soviet Federal Republic with the description of the tragic events and the list of the organizers of the massacre.

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