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SAGHYAN GRIGORI MICHAEL (1880-1937)- Born in 1880 in Shushi. Graduated from the medical department of Berlin University. According to Materns, a famous therapist, Saghyan's thesis on the subject "Changed in Leukocytes During Pleurisy" represents a major contribution to the world medicine. Owing to the efforts of Saghyan, resorts and anti-tuberculosis health centers were established during 1925-1927, and in 1935 Yerevan Tuberculosis Scientific Research Institute was opened.

SARGSYAN KHOREN SARGIS (1891-1970) A literature critic, doctor of philology, professor. Born in 1891 in Shushi. In 1917 Sargsyan graduated from the department of History and philology of Petrograd University. In 1934 he became member of the Writers' Union of the USSR. During the period from 1930 through 1936 Sargsyan taught at Yerevan University. From 1943 till 1947 he was the director of the Institute of Literature after Abeghyan at the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. In 1967 Sargsyan received the title of a professor of philology.

SARDAROV SERGEI ARSHAK (1909- ) Born in 1909 in Azokh village (Hadrut region of Nagorno Karabagh). A Colonel General of the Aviation. Began his military career as a commander of a platoon. He served as a commissar and later, the commander of a fighting aircraft regiment. Participated in the battles for the liberation of Caucasus, Taman Peninsula, Novorossiysk, Kerch and the Crimea. As recognition of his remarkable service, Sardarov was awarded with a Lenin Order, three Red Star Orders, etc.

SARKISYAN SHAHEN HOVHANNES (1924 - ) Born in 1924 in Arav village (Askeran region of Nagorno Karabagh). A bearer of Distinction Orders. Participated in the Great Patriotic War. In the summer of 1943 Sarkisyan served in the 277th Regiment and fought in Kurskaya Duga.

SARUKHANYAN (LEVONYAN) MARTIROS (1873-1896) Born in 1873 in Shushi. A participant of the Armenian liberation movement. One of the leaders of the defense of Van in 1896.
SAFARYAN (SAFAROV) ARAM HOVAKIM (1913 - 1944) Born in 1913 in Agorti village (Martuni region of Nagorno Karabagh). A Hero of the Soviet Union. During the Great Patriotic War served in the Field Forces from the very first days of the war till his heroic death. Participated in the battles in North Caucasus, Ukraine, Romania, and Yugoslav. Safaryan was posthumously awarded with the title of a Hero of the Soviet Union for his heroism and courage.

SAFARYAN SAMVEL ARAKEL (1902-1969) - Born in 1902 in Shushi. In 1928 graduated from Technical Department of Yerevan State University. During 1941-1953 Safaryan chaired the Union of Architects of Armenia. He prepared the design of over 100 dwelling and public houses. From 1937 taught at Yerevan Polytechnics Institute. Safaryan was awarded with a Red Banner Order and two Orders of Distinction.

STEPANYAN NELSON GEVORK (1913- 1944) Born in 1913 in Shushi. A twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot, a lieutenant colonel. He had 239 flights, destroyed 53 ships, 80 tanks, 600 vehicles, 27 aircrafts. He was called "Stormy Petrel of the Baltic Sea". Posthumously Stepanyan was awarded twice with the title of a Hero of the Soviet Union.

SHAHINYAN MARIETTA SERGEI (1888-1982) A Russian-speaking Armenian writer, philologist, publicist, public figure. In 1920 traveled in Karabagh. Her thoughts and impressions are reflected in the book "Nagorno Karabagh" (.,1930) which includes reliable data on the Armenian settlements destroyed by Turkish Tatars during 1918-1920. "Out of the total number of 212 villages 59 are entirely demolished, ? of the population (37,000) are homeless, 7,000 households are burnt."

Born in Ulubab village of Stepanakert region. In 1954 graduated from Philological Department of Yerevan State University. During 1973-1977 Shakaryan worked at the highest regular school in Bamako, the capital of Mali (Africa) as a professor of philosophy and psychology. During 1977-1986 Shakaryan taught at Yerevan State University. In the 1980s' he delivered lectures in the International College of Philosophy in Paris, at University after Paul Valerie in Monelier (France), Amsterdam, Turku, Lublin. Shakaryan is the author of over 70 scientific works.

SHAKARYAN GURGEN ANDREI (1908-1990) - Born in Baku to a family from Shushi. Graduated from Yerevan Zoological Veterinary Institute. In 1938 Shakaryan received the degree of an assistance professor. From 1934 taught at Yerevan Zoological Veterinary Institute, and was the president of the said Institute from 1942 till 1945. Shakaryan is the author of over 200 scientific essays. His works were presented at international congresses.

SHAHUMYAN IVAN (HOVANNES) CONSTANTINE (1910- ) Born in 1910 in Paravatumb of Martuni region (Nagorno Karabagh). A Hero of the Soviet Union. Shahumyan was a platoon commander in the 69th Infantry Division. Participated in the forced crossing of the Dnepr River, the liberation of Belorussian towns and villages. In the period from 1945 till 1947 Shahumyan served in the Soviet armed forces in Germany.

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